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Welcome to Vintage Car Lot Photographer, your online Vintage used car lot. This site is in it's early stages of development and we will be adding more photos as time permits.  You are free to use these photos as long as you link back to our web site and you use them for non-commercial purposes.  Click here for link instructions.  We've been photographing vintage and antique cars for years and every time we go to a car show we snap a few photos of thunderbirds, mustangs, corvettes, model A's or anything that looks cool.  We decided to display some of our favorite automobile photos as well as other photos from photo sites to create a "dream car lot" for you to enjoy.  We've seen everything from great muscle cars to turn of the century classics and love them all.  Browse this site, grab a few photos or PC car wallpaper images and have fun with Vintage Car Lot Photographer. 

1936 cord convertible
1936 Cord Convertible
The Cord - An Amazing Car with deco styling.
1060 nash automobile
1960 Nash
The Nash - A car with an interesting history
1956 lincoln capri automobile, this would look great in my car lot.
1956 Lincoln Capri
The Lincoln Capri - Looks like the big brother to the 50's T-Birds


Some of my Favorite Car Photos

1950's t'bird.  A car dealers dream.

Looks like it's fresh of a car lot, a 1965 Ford Mustang

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